An independent editor, I have nearly a decade of experience working in editorial and production capacities with textbooks, nonfiction books, and scholarly and current events periodicals.

My first editing experiences were in scholarly publishing, and the values of that world—clarity, accuracy, and collaboration—are the basis of my own editorial philosophy, both in working with manuscripts and in managing publications. When it comes to the words on the page, I aim to hone, smooth, and tighten authors’ voices rather than overwrite them. Consider me a silent but active partner—there to support you and your manuscript’s aims.

In the past, I worked as the managing editor for two education journals, Arts Education Policy Review and The Clearing House, at Heldref Publications, and for PS: Political Science and Politics, a journal of the American Political Science Association. Since going freelance, my clients have included Oxford University Press, Princeton University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Taylor & Francis Publishers, and the Institute of Modern Russia, as well as individual scholars.

If you are interested in working with me on a project, please email me at or drop me a note through the Contact page. My rates are reasonable but are keyed to the level of editing an individual project requires, so estimates will be most accurate when based on a sample.